The original
Rock n' Sushi
est. 1981

Established in 1981, California Beach was the original Rock n' Sushi restaurant. Founder Kazu Miyama had a dream; to bring the tradition of sushi and combine it with atmosphere.


Culturally sushi had remained a classic & quiet culinary experience. But amidst the late 70's fever of beach culture in Los Angeles, the days of rock n' roll and freedom, Kazu knew sushi and loud music went hand in hand. California Beach was born. If you lived in Southern California in the 80's you remember fondly the days of loud music, sake and sushi at the Hermosa Beach seaside location.

At California Beach Rock n' Sushi, we have a long beautiful history. From the early 80's in Hermosa Beach, California, when our regulars included Billy Idol, Shaquille O'Neal, Tyra Banks, O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown.


To our 1985 Newport Beach location which Dennis Rodman from the L.A. Lakers frequented.


Our Hollywood location on Melrose Avenue opened in 1989. Featured in the opening intro of the infamous Melrose Place t.v. show, the location was frequented by many familiar faces such as Alice Cooper. 

In 1997 California Beach opened its first location in Hawaii. You might remember our Ward Avenue location in Honolulu where we established our reputation as Oahu's leading sushi & Japanese restaurant. 

Now located in Aiea, we continue to offer the freshest ingredients and our signature menu that has captivated our local community for decades. Our daily Happy Hour has become a local favorite. Come by for some saké and sushi!

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